Video Sailing With Scattermusic Sound System


Above : sample of recent projection experiments with triangular screens made from nursery store bamboo, white lycra and gaff tape. After explorations in Sydney, I’ve been keen to continue playing with fragmented screens and composing video throughout a space. This is all made more interesting with the extra flexibility that a triplehead2go graphics card brings ( portions of panoramic output from one laptop to 2 or 3 projectors ), as well as Madmapper for easily and precisely aligning pixels to fit screens / objects / spare wall spaces etc. The Madmapper folk have been releasing an inspiring set of very detailed tutorials too, as well as pretty useful add-ons.

End result: Lots of fun – and a new set of challenges to deal with. Spatial composition with video is getting easier and easier, and as we outgrow the novelty of seeing buildings lit up / architectural deconstruction by light, there’s such ripe terrain to explore with today’s software. And as the barriers to entry continue to lower, it’ll be the imaginative approaches that prove most successful.

[[ Oh yeah – and that video – not a manifesto for spatial video by any means, just some example snippets from a fun night with the Scattermusic Sound System.. still getting my head around how this can all work well. And there be photos too. ]]

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  1. Dan Winckler says:

    Great stuff! Bamboo FTW indeed.

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