Curse Secret Service


Curse Ov Dialect ‘Curse Secret Service’
Directed by Jean Poole
From the Album Dark Days, Bright Nights

“… a fat banging cross cultural Turkish James Bond themed hip hop party song… a world where each MC character is a superhero agent unifying to fight ignorance and navigating through utopian landscapes and colourful scenes in an undercover global mission rap style.”

Featuring Agents – Volk Makedonski + The Maltese Well Monster…


Atarangi, and turntablist and producer extraordinaire – Pasobionic


And guest agent – Mito Elias


Animation Process:
  • Film each musician individually, performing their parts, and a few specific gestures / movements
  • Edit these down to key parts, then export a sequence of still images
  • Paint over a few key examples of these, to create stylised characters.
  • Use EBSynth to create a new versions of the exported stills, using the style examples
  • Sort through the batch of newly generated images, individually cleaning up images
    eg *lots* of image glitches where hands moved fast in front of body or face (those rappers!😅)
  • Export eventual collection of style frames into clips, and edit to song
  • Generate relevant backgrounds in midjourney for each song section
  • Animate and colour backgrounds in Premiere / After Effects
  • Develop and animate intro titles + character titles
  • Add some overall colour grading, and textural overlay elements