Curse Ov Dialect

Curse Ov Dialect – “Never North”, Dir by Jean Poole

From the 2021 full length album, ‘Dark Days Bright Nights

“This is a protest song curated by Volk Makedonski about the illegal and corrupt way that the Republic of Macedonia were forced to change their constitutional name. We will continue the struggle for our nation and the human rights of our people. Never North! Always and simply Macedonia for the Macedonians”

Video concept and planning – Borce Markovski and Jean Poole
Director – Jean Poole
DP – Stu Mannion + Jean Poole
Aerial footage – Jean Poole
Camera Assistant- Suzy Markovski
Editor – Jean Poole
Colour Grading – Jean Poole
Lighting Assistant – Owen Mendoza
Set decorator – Alisa Markovski and Suzy Markovski
Video shoot Props – Angelique Soklev-Tasevski and Suzana Bazevski
Extra special thanks to Otec Nikodim and the St Prohor Pchinski Macedonian Orthodox Monastery in Donnybrook.