Jean Poole* is a video director based in Melbourne, Australia. His interests include real-time video, and the relationship between sound and image, especially in a performance context. Recently this has emphasised exploring space and atmosphere through projection mapping, and multi-screen projections – for theatre, performance and installations.

He has performed and produced video material for various events, artists and festivals in all Australian capital cities as well as Istanbul, Barcelona, Berlin, Los Angeles, Porto, Rome, Jakarta and many cities in Mexico. He sometimes lectures and tutors digital media @ RMIT, Melbourne Uni, Swinburne Uni & VCA.
Many moons ago, he co-founded and directed the annual Electrofringe festival in Newcastle.

He currently freelances from Brunswick on a range of video and audiovisual performances / productions / projections.

Music videos
Concert Visuals and Theatre Visuals
Cinematography – interviews / music videos / event documentation / promotional videos, etc

Enquiries / consultation:

sean .. at .. skynoise.net
+61  0-4-2-2 469690


[[*Jean Poole is a pen-name and video performance name, imagined by a good friend
as a French spy character in ‘some kind of biotech espionage movie’.
Birth name = ‘Sean Healy’.


  1. Expanded Architecture says:

    Saw your video of patternmachine @ underbelly + Thought you may be interested in our call for proposals. for film projection night at Carriageworks Sydney https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=241077455902647

  2. I thought you might be interested in seeing something completely different: Harmony.

    I wrote Harmony as an offline tool for creating 3D animated music videos and VJ loops. Just load up the MP3, and choreograph your own music video!

    You can see samples on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/VJChaotic

    You can download the demo version at: http://www.DigitalChaotics.com/Harmony


    Ken Scott
    (VJ Chaotic)

  3. * Dear,

    I am writing to keep you updated the first edition of Digitalpride, an international festival dedicated to digital arts to be held in the picturesque location of the Roman theater in Lecce(ITALY) from 22 May to 2 June 2013. The event, organized by inSynchLab (Milan), started as a site-specific project to promote the media arts, stimulate the dissemination and circulation of knowledge related to digital arts through open call, workshop processing, arduino, cartoon animation, interactive architectural surface , lectures and live performances by artists well known nationally and internationally, including in the field of electronic music, like MiguelCampbell (USA) and Laura Jones (UK). In addition, the project also includes a contest vj and videomapping, which is giving away a check for $ 500 for the winner.

    In addition to invite you to visit our website, where you will find updates and insights about it, I am writing to know if you can have a message or feedback on your site, being similar to the objectives thereof.
    Looking forward to your feedback and thanking you in advance,

    I offer my most cordial greetings,

    Andrea Carpentieri



  4. Hi Jean (or Sean?),

    It’s Bruno from TROPE, part of the Diasynchronoscope project, we never met but you mentioned our work on your tutorial, which we feel very glad about. (on that link: https://www.skynoise.net/edu/right-here-right-now/week-9-lateral-lo-tech-interactivity/)

    Sorry to contact you here, apologies if it’s not a good place for it I couldn’t find your email, but I thought I’d be in touch to let you know what we’ve been up to and to invite you to our next exhibition in London UK (if you happen to be in this part of the world) next month for Kinetica Art Fair, a really cool fair with lots of art/science art exhibitors.

    This is our new website: http://www.trope-design.com


  5. Writing to thank you for the exhaustive Quartz Composer resources, interesting projects and posts. Will follow

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