Curse Ov Dialect – Secret Service

Curse Ov Dialect ‘Curse Secret Service’
Directed by Jean Poole
From the Album Dark Days, Bright Nights

“… a fat banging cross cultural Turkish James Bond themed hip hop party song… a world where each MC character is a superhero agent unifying to fight ignorance and navigating through utopian landscapes and colourful scenes in an undercover global mission rap style.”

This ended up being quite a crazy animation ride, transforming Curse Ov Dialect into animated secret service agents… Was very happy with how it turned out though!
(More on the animation process here)

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Concert Visuals for Leah Flanagan

Animated concert visuals commissioned in 2021 for Leah Flanagan’s album, Colour By Numbers. The brief: ‘Tropical sunset Darwin vibes!’

Animations were created for the 10 album songs – with a tropical sunset colour palette, explorations with Stardust (AE), and occasionally featuring / re-animating elements from the Colour By Numbers music video (animated by Curran Brown – and a strong part of the visual identity for this album).

Music for the medley below – Fight the Night, by Leah Flanagan

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Curse Ov Dialect – Never North music video

Had the delight + pleasure to work with cult hip-hop group, Curse Ov Dialect recently.
The song by Volk Makedonski was about the politics of Macedonia’s recent name change, but we did also manage to fit in some cameo shots of the non-Macedonian members of the group.

Curse Ov Dialect – “Never North”, Dir by Jean Poole,
From the 2021 full length album, ‘Dark Days Bright Nights
More about that.

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Zatoczka Live Cinema tribute to Komeda

One of my favourite gigs in 2019 – was ZATOCZKA – a live cinema tribute to Krzysztof Komeda (the Polish jazz / film soundtrack composer) at Melbourne’s Fed Square. Adam Simmons and the Adam Simmons Creative Ensemble cooked up a gorgeously meandering musical tribute, and it was a treat to try and match the mood, with footage shot around Merri Creek with the enigmatic Luca Brazil. It was an enchanting evening, and while all live performances are ephemeral, this felt even more so, given the unique combination of people (including special guests Tony Gould – piano, Deborah Kayser – voice) coming together for that night, in that beautiful space.

Fast forward a year, and there’s now an album available, made from the live recording. And, there’s also a music video, for – ‘Sleep Safe & Warm‘, probably Komeda’s most famous track, used in the 1968 Polanski film, Rosemary’s Baby. Hopefully there’ll be a chance to perform Zatoczka again soon, but at least we have some mementos in the meantime.

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