Dr Seuss Meets Elefant Traks

Elefant Traks meets Dr SeussElefant Traks vs Dr Seuss, Sydney Opera House, Graphic Festival, Nov 11, 2012.

Elefant Traks are an amazing music label / collective based in Sydney. They were approached by the Graphic Festival to put together a 70 minute show based around the stories of Dr.Seuss – which in the end meant 20 or so artists writing new songs, reinterpreting old ones, or doing recitals – and it was a real treat to witness the diverse ways the spirit of Dr.Seuss got channelled.

I was lucky enough to be invited to develop and then live trigger the animations for this wildly ambitious show, and was helped by co-animators: Jono ‘Dropbear‘ Chong + Darin Bendall. Given the scope of the show, we had a super short turn around, which meant we never managed a full start-to-finish rehearsal of all the components – the performance at the Opera House was the first time we’d run through everything in sequence the whole way. The audience response was wildly enthusiastic though, and one of the organisers mentioned that Dr.Seuss publishing representatives were a bit teary: “We’ll never look at some of these stories the same way again.”


The AU Review : “an unforgettable experience”
Mosca Media : “The best production / concert that I have been to this year 5/5

photo set – onstage and behind the scenes… ( More photos and video snippets to come.. )

Below, The Tongue takes on Gerald McBoingBoing by DrSeuss…

other video projects by Jean Poole )

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