Mona Horse Bazaar Prize

‘Animals really are funny people’, 2007 .

Six screen panorama, winner of  the 2007 MONA Horse Bazaar Prize*, at the time, ‘the world’s richest prize for panoramic content’.

Made during a 6 month artist residency in Istanbul with in 2007, it made sense to try and animate this six screen panorama by using a collection of photos I’d gathered around parts of Barcelona and Istanbul. The piece only really started coming together when I started inserting some earlier green-screened characters into these urban landscapes  (( hello: giant squids, monkeys on (actual) segways, giant plant-men, etc )), and later adding some botanic and character silhouettes from Melbourne.

Technically: 8:1 screen ratio, 4200 x 540 pixels, broken into 6 parts ( 700 x 540 ). Composed using After Effects and stitched together with Dataton’s Watchout software to allow synchronised playback on the Horse Bazaar panoramic projection system  – which uses 6 projectors to cover some 20 metres and wrap around a corner wall of the venue.

(*MONA = Museum of New and Old in Tasmania, Horse Bazaar = Melbourne bar with unique panoramic projection system. Prize info. )

Below, a selection of highlights, crammed from six screens into one… video-edited to ‘Egg Yolks Yo’by Lewis Cancut.

other video projects by Jean Poole )

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