Origami Wu Xing

Origami at Stonnington Jazz, 2019
(Adam Simmons, Howard Cairns and Hugh Harvey, with guest appearances by Wang Zheng-Ting)
Origami are currently touring Australia to promote their album Wu Xing, which explores the cycle of creation through the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Custom visuals were developed for these elements and compositions, and are performed live at each show.

“The final night’s performance by Adam Simmons was arguably the standout performance of the Festival… This was music of dreams, full of space and ethereal sounds, magisterial, that floated and danced in a darkened room, lit only by Jean Poole’s dramatic video projections that served to heighten and intensify the experience.”
– Des Cowley, Australian Book Review

Wang Zheng-Ting (photo by Kevin Peterson)

Above: Wang Zheng-Ting and Adam Simmons (photo by Kevin Peterson)
Below: screenshots from Wu Xing graphic elements projected during the performance.