Making Music Videos With Portable Jungles


Aka A Music Video in 3 Steps:

1. Re-created Middle-Earth on a kitchen tabletop… (hello – every backyard plant we have, hello – fallen moss covered branches from the park across the road, hello – turntable, hello – flashing bicycle lights, hello – wonky lampshades and plastic toys.)

2. Made some custom animations (Quartz composer, After Effects), and projected these onto Middle-Earth, using software to manipulate the projections (VDMX, Madmapper, quartz composer).

3. Recorded the results (Canon 7D, various lenses), and edited together (Premiere).

Song = Make Believe (Original mix), by Mat Cant (Scattermusic)

And yes, animated, directed and edited by myself in whirlwindy short amount of time.

Next up, a floating forest of bonsai plants strapped to drones..

Autobot Roulette:


  1. bob says:

    looks sharp!

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