Live video, music videos, short films, installations and video mapped projections by Jean Poole

NEXT: Music videos for Mijo Biscan (direction, videography), and Austero Mental (direction, videography, animation)
Concert Visuals for The Hauntingly Beautiful Mouse Moon (NSW), Curse Ov Dialect tour, Adam Simmons tour

RECENT: Promo video for Antelodic (direction, videography, animation)

Videography and onsite editing for NGV Book Fair with No Clients.
Concert visuals for Cumbia Cosmonauts, LOOP.
Motion Graphics for laptop screens of TV Police drama.
Projection workshops with Projector Bike, Kerand, NW Vic.
Filming for Austero Mental, Stacks on Festival.

The Sound of Shadows  (animation, projection) for Bianca Gannon, Melbourne Recital Centre. 
Filming for Antelodic, ABC studios.
Filming for Gideon Brazil + The Natives, Shabliss Festival.
Filming of ‘Brain Sculpture’, Monash Uni, for Additive Lighting.
Liminality festival projections (Bris + Melb)
Kites of Tianjin projections for Adam Simmons
Concert visuals for LUUDE 
Slide Projections at Melbourne Writer’s Festival Launch
Slide projections at Vic State Library
Projection for ‘The Calling’ by Adam Simmons, at 45 Downstairs.
Stabilised filming, editing and color grading for Gabriella + Silvana Mangano
Trapper set design for Sydney Opera House
Visual effects for TQX + Sia music video : The Day That You Moved On
Projection design and animation for Loreto, Toorak.
Video-clip for Ruffles
Visual effects and post production on a ‘spiritual clown’ music video.
Projection mapping consultation and animation for Chinese New Year at Carlton Gardens Museum.

Sorong Samarai, live video for Airileke Ingram and the Rize of the Morning Star, at Sydney Opera House.
9 screen video installation and live-editing for ‘All of my Friends Were There‘, by The Guerrilla Museum, at Theatreworks, St.Kilda
Music videoclip for Time For Dreams. 
Live Animation for Kammervolk 3, manipulating silhouettes on a super-wide, rear projected screen.
Multi-screen video set design for In Between Two. (Melbourne festival, and touring elsewhere).
Teaching video at RMIT, Sem 2 – Extruded Cinema.
Video set design for Lullaby Movement, Supersense festival of the ecstatic , Melb Arts Centre.
Trapper video set design at Melb Arts Centre.
Post production, animation and editing for Seven Stories, Vivid festival.
Teaching video at RMIT, Sem 1 – Choreographics

2016 and earlier

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