Desert Engines


Desert Engines, a panoramic audiovisual live performance by Jean Poole and Suckafish P Jones, (30 minutes, 2013).

Desert Engines explores the harsh and mysterious landscapes of Central Australia as a starting point for playful audiovisual exploration. A wandering journey reveals a desert of surprises, and car wrecks that come to percussive life after dark.

Building on the live audiovisual experiments of Jean Poole and Suckafish P Jones, Desert Engines was developed for dual screen projection in 32:9 aspect ratio, and a bass heavy sound system.

First performed at Wide Open Spaces,Ross River Resort, near Alice Springs, May 5th, 2013.


Thumbnail Collage from 'Desert Engines'.

desert engines, jean poole and suckafish p jones at wide open spaces

Desert Engines, rear projection, Wide Open Spaces, May 2013.

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