EBN-Heads : Brian Kane Interview!

Hey guess what? It’s a thrill to present an interview with one of the founders of E.B.N., pioneers of audiovisual radness, and inspiration to many since way back in 1991. Yeah, those guys beaming their live video sampler performances from … Continue reading

by j p, October 23, 2009 6 Comments

Electrofringe 2009 Highlights

Another year, another super-soaking of inner Newcastle with a spray of the bizarre to the sublime. Density of programming, and that everything happens alongside the National Young Writers Festival, Sound Summit ( a gathering of independent record labels and artists), … Continue reading

by j p, October 9, 2009 1 Comment

Dubtable Maker Interview

Fusing together contemporary interface design with a love of early dub pioneers such as Lee Scratch and King Tubby, James Nichols has cleverly cobbled together an interactive tactile mixing table which has been wowing crowds at events around Sydney. Describe … Continue reading

by j p, September 24, 2009 0 comments

Dancing With Robot Architecture

Soon to be (multimedia) Dr.Wade Marynowsky, aka Spanky, aka AC/3P, aka The Old Sydney Town 8 Bit Gimp, aka Mr.Mutantric Australiana, has an exhibition coming up. With dancing robots. ‘The Hosts: A Masquerade Of Improvising Automatons’, extends Marynowsky’s development of … Continue reading

by j p, July 31, 2009 0 comments

Live Performers Meeting Rome 2009

[Guest post by the esteemed Lucy Benson ( VJ Nosis / Melb-Belfast-Berlin-Zurich etc ), for my Threeworld column, full version and more photos over @ Lucy’s. ] 4 days. 378 performers from 26 different countries. Almost 300 performances, workshops, talks … Continue reading

by j p, July 24, 2009 0 comments

Meneo : Electro Gameboy Reggaeton in the House

Electropical? Bleepy cumbia? Such hybrids are inevitable, given a generation raised on candied synthetic computer game sounds, and the speed at which localised bass variations now travel from shore to shore. They are also core chunks of the Meneo sound, … Continue reading

by j p, June 11, 2009 1 Comment

ACMI gig with Lewis Cancut, Thu Jun 4

Many months of sampling and rehearsals with DJ Lewis Cancut culminate in a few days time, bringing together OJ Simpson, Prisoner, Molly Meldrum, Marshall McLuhan, Princess Diana, Jon Safran and assorted media luminaries into a 45 minute mix about television. … Continue reading

by j p, June 2, 2009 2 Comments