Under the Pixel Hood with Raquel Meyers

Reasons you might find yourself wanting to read this very long but very awesome Raquel Meyers interview: – Because you love 8bit graphics and people who push them to their limits – Because Raquel makes rad stuff ( eg her … Continue reading

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Meneo : Electro Gameboy Reggaeton in the House

Electropical? Bleepy cumbia? Such hybrids are inevitable, given a generation raised on candied synthetic computer game sounds, and the speed at which localised bass variations now travel from shore to shore. They are also core chunks of the Meneo sound, … Continue reading

by j p, June 11, 2009 1 Comment

8Bit The Movie And Even The Afterparty

April 24th hosts both the ‘8Bit’ documentary about video games (6pm @ ACMI – introduced by the director) and a remarkably interstate gathering afterwards of 8Bit performers @ Horse Bazaar. 8 Bit : A documentary history of Video Games + … Continue reading

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