Audego Motion Graphics Medley


Audego Motion Graphics Medley
from jeanpoole on Vimeo

Above – a motion graphic medley made from clips I created recently for each song of Audego‘s latest album, Beneath the Static and the Low. It’s pretty gorgeous music, listen for yourself – bandcamp / soundcloud / itunes. The Audego brief: ‘retro-abstract motion graphics we can project behind us while we play’.

This was the first time I relied Quartz Composer so heavily for making motion graphics – it’s great for prototyping ideas and developing them quickly, and can be recorded in realtime too (with syphon recorder). I also used:

VDMX – for real-time clip triggering, compositing and effects
TV Paint – for generating some animation textures
After Effects + Premiere – for compositing, effects and editing.
Madmapper – for arranging projection of motion graphics onto surfaces
Canon 7D – for filming of above projections.

(See also motion graphics for Audego’s previous album, Abominable Galaxy.)

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