Boinga Bob’s Temple in Warburton



- Photos from Boinga-Bob's Temple.

Scattermish and myself recently tackled the Lilydale to Warburton rail trail,  a 40km stretch of bushland cycling, an hour outside of Melbourne.

Rail trails are shared-use paths recycled from abandoned railway corridors. Rail trails link big and small country towns and meander through scenic countryside just as railways did in the past.. Railway engines have always had difficulty climbing hills. The steepest grade of a railway line is never more than 1 in 30.. no sharp rises and no sharp bends, just sweeping curves and gentle undulations.. abandoned rail lines make superb pathways for walking and riding.” – Rail Trails Australia.

The ride itself is awesome – it’s a gorgeous, mostly tree-shaded ride, with plenty of great views, though Warburton has no station, so you need to plan for an 80km round trip from Lilydale. The Warburton end makes it all worthwhile – with the cute bicycle themed Cog Bike Cafe greeting riders at the end of the ride, and just nearby… jutting out from the trailside foliage – the temple of Boinga Bob, a sprawling marvel of DIY architecture and evolving artwork installations.  I’ll let the temple photos speak for themselves.

Boinga Bob was home at the time, and is quite the interesting character. He happily entertained a few guests with tales of his extensive adventures on various islands and mountain tops over the years. Currently though, he is facing a battle with the local council who want to destroy his temple. Drop him a line if interested in helping, or join the Facebook group to save Boinga Bob’s temple.

Below, a 5 minute interview with Bob about his temple:

Next up: The Great Victorian Bike Trail.


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