My Bloody Valentine Vs Werner Herzog


mbv herzog
Stack of marshall amps in one corner, man with a movie camera in the other, both notorious for unique reasons, and both with interesting news of late. MBV, helmed by the sleep-deprivation-fond Kevin Shields, have finally announced that yes, there will be another album to follow-up their 1991 classic ‘Loveless’, and have even announced some UK tour dates. BYO earplugs. has the video scoop with a long Kevin interview, within which he reveals their favoured name before MBV : ‘Burning Peacocks’.

From wall of noise to blizzard-core, the tangent express takes us to Werner Herzog’s recently re-released diary from 1974, ‘Of Walking In Ice’, a diary written by the film-maker as he trekked through a fierce snow-storm to save a dear friend from her near fatal illness. On the film front, the documentary-maker also has a new feature out : ‘Rescue Dawn‘ which is based on the true story of a pilot who survives a plane crash in the jungle, survives torture by his captors and eventually escapes the jungle for freedom. The actual pilot has already told this story in a Herzog film though, the mind boggling documentary ‘Little Dieter Has Learnt To Fly‘. Will be interesting to see how Rescue Dawn stacks up to this.

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