Werner Herzog Vs Little Superstar


Copyright car-crash waiting to happen, or pixel voice of the masses? Either way youtube.com continues to carve out a video niche. Doomed for replacement like Napster the mp3 file sharing software? Irrelevant really, it’ll only be replaced by a gazillion even better sites or services.

Germany’s most famously eccentric yet arrrestingly provocative documentary maker, Werner Herzog was in fine form on Henry Rollin’s TV show recently, but proved a little too much for his interviewing host to grapple with. To be fair to the bodybuilding Rollins, it’d be a challenging interview to have the person opposite you speaking with Werner’s distinctive voice, and telling tales of ‘ecstatic truth’, a need for ‘new ways to use film to document reality’ and dismissing ‘minor flesh wounds’ ( about a sniper who had shot him during another recent interview, an event which didn’t seem to worry him too much ).

This is the same man who made a film about eating his shoe, an event he filmed on stage while give a talk ( he boiled it up apparently ), travelled to the jungle to drag a huge ferry up and over a mountain(!) and well, so many other crazed adventures that Rollins never stood a chance.

Not sure what Little Superstar would be like at interviewing Herzog ( tho i’d be watching every minute of it), but if we were talking dance-off – any sane gambler would instantly dump their life’s savings on the Little Grinner. As others have written, you may well ask “Why did no one tell me about the awesomeness of “Little Superstar”?” Ask and you shall receive ( from the combined words of several enthusiasts ) :

“If you haven’t seen Little Superstar yet, just please trust me – your life isn’t complete. the newest and smallest viral video superstar.A short little something to haunt your dreams… Little Superstar – a Dancing Machine! Breakdancing indian midget. Watch this 1/2 pint get down to some good ol’ hiphop! He dance like usher!! yeah!! The greatest video I have ever seen. Ever. This video is indescribable. It’s spectacular. I want it playing on all my TVs, looping over and over all day long. Little Superstar of Bollywood. Gotta be a little man … thats no kid. There’s not much to say, except that guys like Usher need to watch out, because this little guy is ready to take over. Emmanuel Lewis aint got shit on Little Superstar. That little oompa loompa scares the hell out of me. That little guy is so clearly gonna get gang banged by that group of kids ( thanks for the imagery, metalboxproducts at the dubstepforum.com )[ MAKE IT STOP SMILING. MAKE IT STOP. ] ”

The 2 minutes of youtubed gold that is Little Superstar, is already ( ja, ja ) remixed as a drum n bass version, a death metal version and a rave version, each still utterly compellingly, mesmerisingly brainmelting. Via the ‘Little Superstar aka King Kong’ blog, it can be discovered that this clip is from a 1990 Tamil movie called Adhsaya Piravi ( the tamil movie industry is called Kollywood, the Hindi movie industry is Bollywood ). There’s also a link to a google video of the entire feature film for those inclined, and via Monkeys for Helping – a youtube link to a videoclip for the song being played in the background – Holiday Rap by MC Miker G and DJ Sven.

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