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Blogs make for easy updating of material online for artists, but they’re also great for readers / listeners / viewers /commenters etc – as they provide an easy way to stay in touch with work developed sporadically over time. Latest visual blogs have added to my list of feeds lately includes ‘AVFolklore‘, a new project based blog by the Light Surgeons, a UK AV act who have been kicking ass for most of the 21st century now, but havent been so great at updating their website. The new blog documents their behind the scenes workflow and processes on an AV piece about the history of ‘Uncle Sam’, with some useful insights and a sample clip of their new performance. More vidi-yo? Suuure :, with plenny-o-pixel and soft/hardware / clip updates.

Another fine UK-AV homey by the name of Toby Harris ( aka *spark ), has been steadily blogging his progress with quartz composer, VDMX and his custom use of those in extravagant public ways. Well worth a look, and if something even more specific is needed, highly recommend, a photoblog featuring nothing but photos of a lone cameraman in a variety of locations, running as far away from his camera as his 2 second timer will allow. Mandy Ord is pretty infamous around Melbourne parts for her barbed and gorgeously drawn black and white comics. Which can be now seen more frequently at :

Autobot Roulette:

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  1. chris allen says:

    Just thought i’d let you know that we have a new web space here:
    seems to have taken a while to get all this work archived! i hope you enjoy it!

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