Au Revoir Istanbul, Byte Me in Perth


( Is there wireless? Exiled Surfer & Synesthete of on the west coast prowl)

Will be processing my 6 month stay in Istanbul for a long, long time, but thankfully get to enjoy an extended goodbye with my hosts as they’re joining me in Perth for the Byte Me festival ( Dec 1-9, Perth Town Hall ). We’ll both be doing outdoor audiovisual performances this Sat Dec 1 (meet outside Perth Town Hall at 8pm for wandering to secret outdoor projection location ), meaning 20 minutes each of video projection onto a building with accompanying soundscapes, along with AV sets by VJ Solu ( Finland / Barcelona ) and VJ Zoo ( Perth, and the festival organisers ). Then next Thu Dec 6, all of the above will be audiovisually jamming with DPWolf ( Melb ), Perth locals & Peter & Jaymis from Create Digital Motion at a Perth ‘Plug N Play’ event. Plenty more happening at the festival too, with a lot of interesting animation, film and digital media folk gathered ( each with their own intriguing website to explore.. ).

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