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Girltalk, AudioMulching
It’s true – live performance software aside from Ableton Live, does exist. The makers of Melbourne based Audiomulch have been getting their blog on lately, posting news and tutorials about various Audiomulch features, as well as posting a series of video interviews with mash-up artist Girltalk, who discusses some of his workflow and techniques. Developer Ross Bencina also recently published some interesting thoughts about the state of live streaming. Also on the Girl Talk tip – check out some of the luscious screen and projection design for his recent tour (via tour VJ, David Lublin, one of the developers of VDMX.), and download his recent album for free ( interestingly for an album based on the unauthorised use of samples from others, it’s available with a Creative Commons licence.. )

69 Love Songs, Illustrated
Attempting to illustrate all of the Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs, is: ‘How Fucking Romantic‘. Found via comic author Scott McCloud, who recently helped contribute to Google’s Will Eisner tribute. (See Mar 6th Will-modified logo here:

Herzog’s 3D Cave flick steps closer to release.
And who better than New Scientist to preview Herzog’s descent into the Chauvet cave, capturing cave paintings that are almost 35,000 years old. As always, Herzog manages to uncover hidden eccentrics on his travels, including this time – a flute playing archaeologist dressed in animal furs and a former parfumier, ‘sniffing the hillside for the whiff of an undiscovered cave’.

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