Cycling The Grampians


grampiansAm going on a 3-4 day solo bike-ride through the Grampians + down to Port Fairy, then Warrnambool on the Victorian SouthWest coast, which seems the perfect thing to be doing right about now. And so I leave tomorrow, should be back by Wednesday night, and doing the audiovisual thing @ Plug N Play on Thursday 28th. Which I wouldn’t usually mention, but in light of recent tragic lost-in-wilderness stories, feel compelled to leave at least some evidence of wanderings. Can’t wait… 269km of lungs not in the city anymore…

UPDATE : That was rad. Photos of the ride upped here.

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  1. Leigh says:

    Have a great trip Seano! Update me here with the media.

  2. jean poole says:

    thanks Leigh~! :- )
    always good to get a little encouragement from a mountain biker pro before you ride ;- )

    will be sure to grab a few snaps along the way…
    hope you’re not eroding the NZ slopes too much with your vigorous riding? ;- )

  3. Nick says:

    Woot!… hope you have a fantastic time, merry xmas and a powerful 2007 for you seamus.

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