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Whether for amplifying the fun of a carnivalesque ride like Critical Mass ( wikipedia entry ), or just for the exhilaration of cruising along on your own custom modded two wheeled monster, there’s much merit and joy to be had in freaky bike modifications. Luckily for would-be builders, these people live on the internet too.

chunk 666 bicycles

The legendary and piss-funny ( nein speaka de australiana? ) Chunk 666 collective of extra-long forked bikes, is a great starting point, offering tutorials, and plenty of photos for inspiration. Chunk 666 started when “a few geeks found that the urge to create choppers and tallbikes was too strong to resist. They didn’t know it, but they were being goaded by messages from the future, which were intended to prepare their recipients for the imminent apocalypse.” Once we began riding these devices, it was difficult to stop.

The Chunkers also now have a blog ( complete with jousting photos on bikes 2 frames high ), and seem an endless spring of events and hilarity – “Neverending war abroad provides neverending excuses to act retarded in the streets. No, YOU calm down.”

No doubt inspired by Chunk 666, are – – another gnarly chopper collective;
& The Rat Patrol – more crazy bike makers;
the ‘ full fleet of fabricated freak’ makers at Dead Baby Bikes;
and Cyclecide who make heavy-pedal bikes out of primarily discarded bike parts, and have a bike-rodeo show. Don’t forget to see their two person pedal powered ferris wheel~!

Curious about how to make your own carboard bike cover that let’s you ride around looking like a 2 wheeled car? Wonder no more.

Vanilla style bicycle evangelism is still of course, plenty worthy in times like these.

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  1. […] late shout-outs to C.H.U.N.K. 666 – ain’t a welded bicycle gang with choppers meaner than theirs .. […]

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