Week 11: Installations

Analysing the installation site – Level 11 lobby in building 8.

What parameters can we consider?

– technical logistics

– aesthetic considerations

Thinking and Writing About Interactive Installations:

Interactive Audiovisual Objects by Nuno N. Correia – is a dissertation ( PDF ) that explores :

“…four interactive audiovisual projects by Video Jack, a duo composed of Nuno N. Correia and André Carrilho. The projects….. integrate  sound, audio visualization and graphical user interface into modular units….. The conclusions relate to audiovisual content, interaction design and user experience. The IAVO approach is presented as a path to create projects for integrated audiovisual art that are coherent, flexible, easy to use, playful and engaging to experience.”

The just finished 3-D Beyond Festival in Germany, includes a provocative collection of audiovisual installations and artists worth having a look at.

(In a similar vein, the Beam in Thine Own Eye exhibition at Dark MOFO in Tasmania in June featured lots of artists working to explore the boundaries of perception. Includes links to each of the artists.)


Little Bits : “a library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun.”

Week 10: Interactivity Feedback + Madmapper Tips
Week 9: Lateral + lo-tech interactivity
Week 8: Interactive Pathways
Week 7: Feedback + Interaction
Week 6: Animating your Model With Projection Mapping
Week 5: Projection Mapping
Week 4: Exploring Motion Graphics
Week 3: Compositing with After Effects
Week 2: Editing With Premiere
Week 1: Visualising Sound

Right Here, Right Now (Subject page / course document / links to readings )

A Forest of Projects ( ongoing tumblr of interactive projects)


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