Week 9 : Lateral + Lo-Tech Interactivity

Video Examples:

After our visit to Creation Cinema last week  – a few more examples of kinetic models combined with projected animation:

BOX .. ( Bot N Dolly / creative process description / project background )

“.. explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera. Bot & Dolly produced this work to serve as both an artistic statement and technical demonstration. It is the culmination of multiple technologies, including large scale robotics, projection mapping, and software engineering. We believe this methodology has tremendous potential to radically transform theatrical presentations, and define new genres of expression.”

Diasynchronoscope Project: Experiments in Choreographed Time

“Artworks are viewed in an architectural black-out‚ where prepared 3D objects are arranged in paths such that they change incrementally in shape and/or position. Although nothing in the space actually moves; the objects are revealed through serial illumination in the dark room‚ sequenced using the technique of projection mapping. This technique enables creation of a dramatization over time‚ encouraging the common perceptual shortcuts of a participant to create sequences and a narrative from static abstract objects.”

 White Kanga ( lots of projects involving mapping video onto moving objects )

Also of note:

A Forest of Projects ( ongoing tumblr of interactive projects)

Moscow International Festival: Circle of Lights : “Our aim is to expose the latest wave of accomplishments and trends noticeable on the multimedia/technology/light design scene.” ( includes great list of interesting technologies / contemporary lighting techniques + issues / challenges )

Gangpol Und Mit (“Sonic furnitures, visual instruments” Interactive installation integrating camera input, physical objects, and screens. See: 1000 people band. )
Benjamin Ducroz ( Melbourne artist working with lots of kinetic objects to create motion graphics eg Points in Space. interview about process )
Sound of Threads: Music Extended Onto Strands of Icelandic Wool (AV installation)
The Sultan’s Elephant (large scale kinetic models)

Project Feedback :

– Create a one sentence description of your installation – as suitable for an art gallery or festival catalogue .

( eg ‘Name of Project’ is an installation exploring ‘….. ‘ ).

– In one more sentence, describe how your audience will interact with your installation, and what effect their interaction will have.

( eg By using ‘gesture X’ , the audience will reveal / explore / modify  ‘some aspect of the installation’. )

Animation + Mapping Tips:

After Effects:

  • How to create a video featuring several different videos composited side by side, for easy integration into mapping software such as Madmapper.
  • Nesting compositions for – easy replication of video elements / easy creation of multiple versions / applying effects to many layers at once


  • How to use the above multi-composited video. Special tools such as adjusting colour / madlight etc.
  • Using masks to reduce light spill around borders of physical objects

Related Events:

The Spectacle : The Music Video exhibition opens up @ ACMI on Sep 26… featuring a great collection of props, examples, and behind the scene processes related to music video production – and the visualisation of sound… We’ll try and arrange a small site visit for later – but there’s a few related events of possible interest this week…

TUE @ 5PM, studio 1, ACMI :  meet and greet / q and a with performance curator Drew Klein.  

“Drew works at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Centre and programs performance.  He is in Australia to oversee the MUSIC VIDEO exhibition and also to meet with our museums all over the country.  With NGV doing a lot more performance programming it is very appropriate time I think.  I’m sure he would have a lot to say about screens in performance, and installation in general.” Everyone welcome – email Tim.Bright@acmi.net.au or intermix@acmi.net.au for tickets.

THU @ 6PM – HELLO FLUX – Music video screenings + discussion by curators + music video makers

“People need to pick up tickets during the day on Thursday.  There are quite a few seats, but it might “sell” out if people don’t reserve a ticket in the morning.”

For the next 2 weeks only: Benjamin Ducroz Exhibition: 1/81 Bouverie st, Carlton ( contact Tape Projects for opening hours )

OCT 1o: Sound Bites City – Discussion Two How do we experience sound? How can a gallery showcase sound art? What, in fact, is sound art? Sound Bites City is the inaugural exhibition at RMIT Gallery that features the new RMIT University Sound Art Collection – the first of its kind in Australia – and offers audiences the chance to experience 19 new and significant works by leading Australian and international sound artists. ( As part of current SOUND BITES CITY, SOUND ART EXHIBITION @ RMIT )

OCT 11: Midi Pipe Organ Project @ Melbourne Town Hall ( Free gig by Virtual Proximity – Local musicians and video artist, projection mapping onto large pipe organ, and controlling the automation of the pipe sounds with midi

Oct 26, also @ ACMI RGBD Filmmaking Workshop –  “a groundbreaking workshop as we combine HD DSLR video with the depth-sensing capabilities of the Kinect game controller.”



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Right Here, Right Now

A Forest of Projects ( ongoing tumblr of interactive projects)


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