Week 7: Feedback + Interaction

Week 7 :

– Feedback on progress so far + on how we can better explore the second half of semester?
– Defining Interactivity and brainstorming the possibilities
– A site visit to the Screenworlds Exhibition at ACMI.

What is Interactivity?

How do we define interactivity?
What types of interactivity are there?
What are some limits to interactivity?
Does interactivity need to involve computers?


What parameters do we have available to explore with our installations?

Related readings on Interactivity: 

Interactive Architecture  : “covers emerging architectural and artistic practices where digital technologies & virtual spaces merge with tangible and physical spatial experiences. An active architecture, sensing, observing, feeling, listening, thinking, reacting, proposing, adapting, learning, even sometimes interacting. It is an architecture in constant flux best suited to prototyping and semi-permanent installations.”

ACMI Screenworlds

Questions to ask while exploring:

– What types of interactivity exist in the exhibition?
– To what degree can the spectator / audience affect the final outcome?
– Where is the spectator’s body in relation to the artwork?

More Animation Tips: 

For anyone wanting to refine or develop their animations – this is a timely tutorial addition to Lynda.com(<<– rmit login) :

Editing and Animating to Sound with Adobe After Effects – “Chris Meyer teaches you how to “read” an audio waveform to spot the most interesting points to animate to, and then presents a variety of ideas for cutting video and animating movements to match your soundtrack. This includes timing transitions, making staccato cuts, matching the frame rate to the tempo, wiggling in time, expressing animations to sound, motion sketching to music, and more.”


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