Creation Cinema @ Melbourne Museum



Ok, ENESS – you had me at ‘projection mapped kinetic sculpture’. The Creation Cinema  – seen above, is now installed at the Melbourne Museum as part of First Peoples, an exhibition celebrating ‘the history, culture, achievements and survival of Victoria’s Aboriginal people.’ It’s a gorgeous installation, located inside a circular room, which is in turn enclosed by intricate layers of wood. Once inside – the sublime smoothness and grace of motion immediately captivates. It’s something that animators strive for with onscreen movements, but is so much more satisfying to witness with moving physical parts. Within that darkened egg of a room, the sounds, video and slow relentless movements of the wing fragments all add up to quite sublime effect. Fantastic installation, and viewable for the next 10 years!

Other projects by ENESSA Tilt of Light (cleverly adapting a seesaw), an interactive skate-ramp for the TRON sequel.

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