Girl Talk, Audiomulch, 69 Love Song comics + 3D Herzog Caves

Girltalk, AudioMulching It’s true – live performance software aside from Ableton Live, does exist. The makers of Melbourne based Audiomulch have been getting their blog on lately, posting news and tutorials about various Audiomulch features, as well as posting a series … Continue reading

by j p, March 22, 2011 0 comments

Stadium Video And Breaking The Timeline

Extravagant lighting and video productions are increasingly expected with touring acts, but a little thoughtfulness can go a long way. Massive Attack @ Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne Enhancing Massive Attack’s recent sublime musical performances during their Australian Tour, was a … Continue reading

by j p, April 29, 2010 4 Comments

Robert Henke Dizzies at Planetarium

“The history of immersive projection dates back many thousands of years. From the earliest connections visualized between radiant points on the celestial screen, humans have projected literal or metaphorical devices through their imaginations onto the vault of heaven.” – from … Continue reading

by j p, February 8, 2008 2 Comments