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The sun seems to be melting people early in Melbourne, but harsh summers are the new harsh winters, when it comes to bunkering down and learning and making a whole bunch of new stuff. Some pixel making updates then.
Via Spain : Check out the very impressive Playmodes ‘audiovisual sampler machine’ videos at Built with Open Frameworks, it communicates using OSC with a ‘main logic system’ inside audio software Reaktor. The videos show a really fluid and malleable live capacity with impressive responsiveness. Shout-outs here to: the Pure Data tight AV sycn-ed experiments of Max Neupert ( done remotely too! ) and Austrian Arnold Martin, whose micro-stuttery edits are currently on display @ ACMI. Also worth a look on the Playmodes site, an impressively performed mapping of video to a building. Have gathered a few mapping creation and performance related links, and other live video links here :, for a talk given at electrofringe recently.

Via Germany : Yes, MAXForLive is near, which should turbocharge audiovisual performance capabilities, bringing together the custom sophistications of MAX/MSP and MAX’s visual Jitter objects, with the musician grade sequencing capacities of Ableton Live, enabling the easy creation of complex and dynamic audio and visual relationships.

Via Hungary : Animata is open source real-time animation software, was built in Kitchen Budapest . It was especially designed for interactive theatre and projections, and
“… the animation – the movement of the puppets, the changes of the background – is generated in real-time, making continuous interaction possible. This ability also permits that physical sensors, cameras or other environmental variables can be attached to the animation of characters, creating a cartoon reacting to its environment. For example, it is quite simple to create a virtual puppet band reacting to live audio input, or set up a scene of drawn characters controlled by the movement of dancers.”

Via Finland: Thanks to Mansteri / Monsteri, a DJ/VJ, Animata can now be controlled with a quartz composer patch and OSC.

Via Hungary : As well as the free open source VJ software CoGe, the also offers two useful quartz composer plug-ins for real-time compositing. CoGePSBrushes is a free and open-source Quartz Composer plugin, which enables photoshop brushes to be used within a quartz composition. And CoGePSDLayers is another Quartz Composer plugin, which allows separated photoshop layers to be played with inside Quartz. Real-time animation.
Via U.S. : You like to code with Open Frameworks? Thanks to Vade, your OF code can now swim happily within Quartz composer.

Theme from above? Quartz Composer. ( Hello summer tutorials )

Via the UK : DVI mixing comes a step closer, ie a mixer is being developed which will input and output VGA and DVI, and allow you to do what nothing else will: dualhead at 1600×600, triplehead at 1920×480, HD at 1920×1080@60Hz. In other words mixing of the good digital signals being given out by a computer, and to a range of screen possibilities. Toby *spark gives more details on his blog, about future availability and potential developments ( add + multiply blends etc ): The project is one where Toby is connecting a manufacturer with potential buyers ( there’s a form to register interest ), but apparently “The Swedes won’t buy a pig in a sack”, so a video is promised to show the existing DVI mixer in action.

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  2. kath says:

    thanks for these links & summaries – very useful! I’ll pass on to Artists in the Cloud list. I was wondering if you’ve come across any software that’s like Isadora interface (simple visual programming / patching software) but keeps the interactivity on the web eg like Korsakow? a mix of the two? but that you can add text/images also. like a blog but a web app/player on the web. if you get what I mean. (sorry prob not explainging this properly) @kathodonnell on twitter if u know of something? I’ll send u a msg. thanks kath

  3. kath says:

    like mentioned in this thread (might be clearer) – hopefully u can read it

  4. kath says:

    thanks for your reply. it doesn’t let me send one back. if u hear of any pls let me know – the cloud list are interested also

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