Animals Really Are Funny People : Six Screen Panorama


animals really are funny people
Having been meaning to post a sample of this project for ages, but the arrival of Melbourne winter seems to be helping nicely. So yes, ‘Animals Really Are Funny People’ is a screen panorama made in 2007 while in Istanbul with We’re talking an 8:1 screen ratio, 20 metres of pixels sync-ed up using Dataton Watchout software, and the combining of hand-drawn animations, photos in Barcelona and Istanbul, various green-screened characters (( monkeys on (actual) segways, giant squids, giant plant-men, etc )). Making a 3 minute piece for six screens seemed to plague it with rendering bugs, DVD burning bugs and courier delivery bugs, but perseverance paid off, as it ended up winning the 2007 MONA Horse Bazaar International Panorama prize. Music : “Egg Yolks Yo” by Lewis Cancut( Full track available over in the scatterblog sidebar ).

Below, a selection of highlights, crammed from six screens into one…

Animals Really Are Funny People from jeanpoole on Vimeo.

Autobot Roulette:

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