Sky Noise Polaroids


“Where are we when on the phone?”

On a rooftop it turns out. International no-budget short film made around 2003, based on the idea that if a few people around the world were able to film themselves doing something with a phone on a rooftop, this might be a fruitful plot device, or at least provide some kind of continuity and fun for editing later on. And so, a request was sent out through the networks, that pretty much said :

“Can you make 30 seconds of video that starts with you answering a phone, and ends with you dialling a call?”

Many months later ( imagine – a time before youtube! ), had compiled a diverse range of contributions from Sadie Plant, Neotropic, Scanner, Howard Bloom, a Colombian rooftop party, Rebecca Cannon, Captain Frodo, Anna Sagaponic and many more – and massaged these together into one ‘continuous’ tale linked by rooftop phone action.

sky noise

Ended up on a Neopoetry DVD compilation, and subsequently screened at Straight Out Of Brisbane, Electrofringe & other festivals and exhibitions internationally. Came with a companion essay. And in the endless Melb-Winter-Of_Productivity 2008, it’s finally online.

sky noise polaroids

Autobot Roulette:


  1. Rebecca says:

    congrats! will link to it from the new Neopoetry page

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