HipHop Vs Tony Hawk

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You skate like a monkey, your ollies are wak. Think you’re underground – try skatin round Vice City sometimes, see how long u last?

Guerilla News Network

Something like an adbusters for the music video world, GNN produce a whole range of clips for socio-politcal provocation and maintain a fascinating collection of online clips and links. A tad on the conspiratorial tip at times, though there’s plenty to chew on here. Of late, even hip-hop has come under their radar – with 3 interesting clips. ‘When the Smoke Clears’ is a ‘scathing indictment of the current state of Hip Hop by one of the most political voices to hit the mic since Chuck D and KRS-1’, featuring some of Hip-Hop’s most memorable video clips dug from the crates of the 80s and 90s. ‘White Amerika’ is another GNN production, an animated clip aiming to “place the viewer in the body of Eminem as he moves through the media-drenched environment that is the subject for his critique of American society.” And even ‘Fitty Sent’ gets a workover – but sayeth the GNNers – “The only problem was that the track, HEAT, is basically a spray of threats levelled against 50 Cent’s enemies. As soon as we got a first look at the chorus of the track, we knew that it was going to be a trick to turn the message around and say something political.”

Instead of trying to downplay the violent posturing of 50’s cut, GNN used it to comment on the culture of violence that is the foundation of modern rap and video game genres and to profile the relatively unknown history of US government involvement in inciting black-on-black violence through its covert CoIntelPro operation – which was designed to “neutralize political dissidents”, such as the Black Panthers and Martin Luther King Jr. In more recent history, it has been alleged that CoIntelPro still operates, only now it has rap music and the celebrities who dominate it as targets.
Curious about the quality of milkshake Kelis serves up? Overhear people on public transport sayin sheeet like ‘fo shizzle ma nizzle?’ Pop this one in yer bookmarks then. Interesting thing about this site is that *anybody* can upload their own definitions of phrases, so you can see many different perspectives on what something might mean, but also invent / propogate / upload – your own in-joke / in-bred / weird-assed phrases and bent Australiana rhyming slang ( see ) etc ‘fo’ shizzle my nizzle’?
1. affirmative; For sure, ma nigga.
2. A modernized and extended version of the infamous Shakespearean Hamlet line, “To be … or not to be?” “Fo’ shizzle … o’ no’ fo’ shizzle? Dat be the quizzle, my south-central British nizzle.”
3. Homie#1 “Yo, dogg, let’s score some wizzle and smoke us a jizzle.”
Homie#2 “Fo’ shizzle my nizzle.”

Gold Teef Fangaz
Think I pimped this URL already some time ago, but I still can’t get over finding a magazine in a friend’s Tasmanian house that offered the chance to buy the ‘finest in quality of gold and platinum teeth caps’. “Our gold teeth are unique and custom made. Each gold tooth is made to fit your teeth individually to the shape of your teeth. They are not one size fits all product that looks fake. Our caps are guaranteed to fit your teeth like a glove.” Remember all the fun you had last time you had a glove in your mouth?

Ze cats at have made available for free download, two fine albums of controversial audio. First up : Dj Danger Mouse’s ‘Grey Album, which combines the Beatles ‘White Album’ & Jay Z’s ‘Black Album’ to great effect. Click again and you getz 1x historical compilation featuring a who’s who of sonic violators from recent years. Check out the original Negativland track that got U2 on their legal ass, enjoy collage supremo Steinski, cult Djs Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Wobbly, People Like Us, John OSwald, The Evolution Control Committee, Del La Soul, The Tape Beatles, The Beastie Boys, Dummy Run & many more crazed sampling fiends, as well as a huge range of related reading materials, controversial videos, links to other samplin fiend archives.

Keepin It For Wheel(s)
What a difference one ‘S’ can make. For example, if your name looked just like that of a celebrity, with just one extra letter tailing it – inevitably you’d be gettin’ yrself used to a lot of mistaken identity. When that celebrity is the most famous skateboarder in the world, and you have a website – – then, it’s kinda predictable that you’ll end up getting the occasional request for grip-tape autographs, playstation trick tips and maximum respect duuuuude ( maaaan, that ollie spiral staircase sequence was sikkkk++ ) etc. Click on his skatemail button to browse the 15 pages of emails and replies Tony Hawks, a 40 year old British folk musician lives with from day to day.

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    There was just a big lawsuit with those USA Guys you mentioned. is actually the number 1 company for gold teeth jewelry in the world.

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