Make Your Own Paint, Photoshop Yr Funnybone, Stream Ascii Video


This week’s mission, should you choose to accept it, is to transfer soma_da colours from behind your eyelids – to the splendid autumn canvas that is Melbourne ( free transport & accomodation below ). Ready to cream those caffeinated cobblestone alleys? Your time starts ….

Make Your Own Paint
When you first wake, leave your eyes closed, what do you see? Nobody else knows, and what a wonderful experience to externalise that imagery, to invite others behind your eyelids. Practice safe eyeballing as a priority though, taking heed from the abundance of eyeballers out there who’ve mapped their techniques for others to share.

Step 1: Avoid commercial paint, which is full of toxins such as cadmium, mercury, phenols, chlorine, sulphur, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds.
Step 2: Google ‘make your own paint’, and choose a recipe from the dozens available. (eg )
Step 3: Collect the simple non-toxic ingredients such as builder’s lime, skim milk, plaster of paris & pigment.
Step 4: Combine and experiment – paint your fridge, stereo, bicycle, ceiling, your battered car and your neighbours.
Step 5: Hone your techniques – in your local streets, on train rides to suburbs you don’t often visit, in places people’d never suspect to wander across such shapes, such splashes of colour.

Photoshop Yr Funny Bone

Step 1: Visit the top 3 photoshoppery contest sites. Check out the constant challenges thrown out to image warping demons. Piss yourself at the galleries of submitted pieces:, and
Step 2: Crank out a couple of gems.
Step 3: Upload images to your favourite site.
Step 4: Upload images to for outdoor projection in Melb_alleyways during the Next Wave festival.
Step 5: Email us the URL ( not the image), so we can print ’em here too.
Step 6: Consider image as stencil, print & cut-out. ( Homework: )

Beam Your Own Ascii Video South
Step 1: Goto and download the free 612mb Dyne:bolic Linux CD.
Step 2: Copy this free multimedia enhanced software operating system onto a CD.
Step 3: Restart your windows machine with this CD inserted ( choose start/boot from CD).
Step 4: Wear your best Linux grin – you are now using a free operating system ( it’s really that easy).
Step 5: Read up about the extensive free audio and video software included, such as the free video input to ascii converter. ( Think matrix – video as scrolling numbers and text icons).
Step 6: Run this very easy to use software and you are now streaming an ascii video stream to the web.
Step 7: Let some Melb_kids know about it.
Step 8: Drop a line to da wonderful rastafarian coder behind all this, Jaromil from, & click .

Come On Down
Step 1: Visit the massive program from May 18-30 to check the best dates for your journey. eg Ladies Skipping League Tour of Booty: May ?? @ Fed Square.
Step 2: Scope some of the still dripping Melb-stencil & graf hotspots at & &
Step 3: Check the extensive next wave gallery/exhibit/theatre/etc launches for good spots to meet drunken Melbourne artists with spare rooms, or spare pillows.
Step 4: Consider the next wave night program for good venues to snooze at the back of.
Step 5: Get yr hitching thumbs ready, or snare a lift thru hitching sites @ google.
Step 6: Arrive, deposit sediment from behind eyelids, marvel at the colours.

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