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Peeps b.gettin their freek on in Newcastle again soon, with the return of the good ship Electrofringe, sailing thru from Oct 2-7 alongside the National young writers fest & the Sound Summit. Will be interviewing a few of the guest artists over the next few weeks, butt for now, tis snapshot time – sneek peeks @ soma tha sailors u might be playing with soon.

The Light Surgeons
Hailing from the UK, this crew investigates the spaces that lie somewhere in between music and
cinema, aiming at times for what they call ‘live documentary’. Theres a few stylin vidi-yos on their
site, but apparently their live combinings of turntables & digital sound games, mixed with projected
films, video maniuplation and slides, are an even more sublime eoncunter.

Johnny DeKron
Straight outta the place where they used to have a big long wall in between the East and West,
J-DeK gets under the pixel bonnet frequently for better access to real-time vid-yo manipulation. And
doncha know, this Berlin boy’ll b.presenting some workshops and performances as well as his new
vidi-yo software during what is known to some as Oktoberfest in Newcastle, ja.
Bitte, bitte:

Space Invader Man
Maybe the world would be different if this boy had become infatuated with Pac�man instead, but as it
is, there are walls and surfaces in cities scattered all over the globe bearing the work of this unusually
inspired artist. The game of course, involves applying tiled pixelated space invader mosaics in weird
urban areas and extensively documenting these transitions from the screen to the street, on the
following, funny head-scratcher:

Patch Invaders
Prepare for audio and visual abductions – by modular-code benders such as Spanky, tha effervescent
Cindii duo, and Neurospikey Alex. Their extended, open, hands-on workshop on patching software
will focus on sharing Patches, concepts & ideas, talking to fellow patchers, extending the patching
community and working on techniques of communication between different patching paradigms.
Peeps are encouraged to bring patches & computers and a gig will be involved later somehow. Hey,
u know u wanna :

Sound Summit Peeps
More workshops, gigs and gallavanting amongst Newcastle’s thriving business district with all yr
favourite buddies u haven#t seen in agessssssssss: neotropic (ninja tune uk), sage francis (anticon),
kevin blechdom (tigerbeat6), manitoba, mitchell akiyama, battery operated & identification ( all from
canada), dj luv (ninja tune uk), kog soundsystem (nz) and funkarmor (killer japan).

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