Video Projections at MOFO 2015



So Mexico morphed into MOFO… and now it’s late January 2015. Anyways. Here is some documentation for what happened in Hobart, the Mexican samples will have to wait a little longer.

I was in Hobart to do triple-Screen Video Projections at ‘ Faux Mo‘, which is the afterparty venue each night for the MOFO Festival, connected to the MONA gallery in Hobart, Tasmania. It tends to be eclectic – here’s the program.

Highlights included doing video for – the Frikstailers, (rad Argentinian duo), ZA! (Barcelona crazies!), Chupacabra (Hobart based Latin American band),Vulgargra(Russian-gypsy-punk!), The Osaka Ramones (Aka Shonen Knife doing Ramones covers), Mad Professor (dubb-b-b), and The Bird– and getting to animate the illustrations of Hobart artists – Tom O’ Hern and Dane Chisolm.

Video-wise, I was running a combo of VDMX and Millumin to trigger, manipulate, sequence and map the videos to a mainstage screen, and two side-wings. 

(click the image below to see a larger version)


Other festival good-times while wandering:
– some of Tim Heckers set had me transportedZammuto (ex-Books) have a pretty engaging and fun audiovisual live set, playing on Robin Fox’s laser-organ was surprisingly engaging, Filastine + Nova delivered a very tightly crafted audiovisual set, there was some impromptu whisky-bar parkour  by Jamin, Keith Deverell‘s beautifully shot film installation used mirrors and a walk-through screen very effectively, and finally managed a few moments inside the inflatable labyrinth by Architects of Air, before departing. Thanks Hobart!

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