Hola, Mexico!



I’m going to Mexico!!

Am super excited – it’ll be my first time in any of the Americas.  From Nov 26 – Dec 22 I’ll be wandering through Mexico City, Oaxaca, Tijuana, as well as Cuernavaca, Metepec and a few other places in between.

[[UPDATE >> Would you like me to send a MEXICAN POSTCARD to your letterbox?  ]]


I’ll be doing live-video for the Cumbia Cosmonauts tour  (you can help the Cumbia Cosmonauts tour crowdfunding campaign below, + get assorted Mexican goods in the mail… postcards, marketplace mixtapes, tshirts etc) – and outside of that I hope to be holidaying through Mexican landscapes, crazy butterfly reserves, Aztec ruins, mexican wrestling matches, visiting unusual rooftops, haggling about weird vintage Mexican Masks, practicing my duolingo Espańol (si, level one!)….

…and where possible, doing some live video projection + filming outdoors with any Mexican artists / film-makers / performers.


Love to hear from anybody with Mexico-tips, or weird filming locations / fun people to film / project with etc

And aye, flying across the Pacific Ocean to Mexico means going via Los Angeles – so it seemed insane not to be spending my first few days in the United States on the way back.

Love to hear any Los Angeles tips – places to visit/ good rooftop filming locations / people interested in outdoor projections –  or Death Valley trips?

Help support the Cumbia Cosmonauts tour:

And here’s my low-budget Cumbia Cosmonauts video-clip from back in 2012:

Autobot Roulette:

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