On The Road with Scattermusic Soundsystem


Scattermusic East Coast Tour Highlights from jeanpoole on Vimeo.

Part of the reason I’ve been quiet on the blog this year, was because of a very busy November and December with video. So it’s good to finally reflect some of that. Back in November I travelled up the Australian East Coast with the Scattermusic Sound System. Which meant 5 guys with 5 laptops in a van for 3 weeks, a dozen gigs, bouncing from Melbourne to Brisbane and back in a space-age Tarago, foam parties, passing through schoolies week in the Gold Coast, realising that our Wagga Wagga gig was at the same time as a world bantam weight boxing match being screened at the same venue, burnouts in Ballarat (as savoured by French Fries who had come along for that gig), Mat Cant twittering away and getting shout outs from Rinse.fm as we travelled, a projector mount that clamped onto anything ( including hotel cabin doorframes for late night movies ), and of course, a never ending supply of great tunes (most overheard sentence in the van? “This track is sick.”)…

Being able to actually document projections in a half-decent way now ( thanks to picking up a Canon 7D last year ), means I’m going to publishing a lot more video online from here in. It’s something that has been a long time coming, and I’m quite happy about finally getting that ball rolling.

Video credits:
Music: Scattermusic soundsystem feat Serocee – east coast anthem (mat cant dub edit)
Video edit, camera work and tour VJing by Jean Poole.
( Geelong photo by The Cheap Assassin, Bin Juice cover art by Michael Cusack )

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