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run wrakePingmag have a nice recent interview up with champion animator and illustrator, Run Wrake. ( found via accent feed ) Seems he was visiting Japan for the Hiroshima International Animation Festival – where his new short ‘Rabbit’ picked up a special jury prize. Plenty of screenshots and storyboard shots in the article too, worth a look. And especially exciting to hear he has his eyes on a feature film.

Run Wrake’s home page,
director showreel site,
& compilation DVD @ Gasbooksrun wrake
Ye olde Skynoise Runwrake interview here
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  1. Shannon says:

    thx for the runwrakeupdate!
    re formatting, probably an unclosed tag somewhere, or an accidental angled bracket…
    cya in ncl soon!?

  2. jean poole says:

    ta shannon – yeah scratching around on the wordpress codex site, but can’t seem to find any code culprit yet… sooner or later….

    and NCL – tho this year has my fave music line-up of the last few years, am gonna stay in melbs… just to break the annual habit for once…. am sure it’ll be a blast tho – even if u have been travelling much further afield ? :- )

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