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Scientist’s have found the part of our brain that responds when someone else’s similar sounding mobile phone rings. Turns out the test-subject even had a memory structure that mimicked an automated answering ‘service’. The kind that says ‘Press 1’ – if you’re interested in making short films, video clips or even features, ‘Press 2’ if you disliked Blair Witch, but were encouraged by the possibilities, and ‘Press 3’ if you’ve got one of those giant itches that say sk-k-kratch me please, scratch me allover, I got me a cinematics dying to get outta my skin.

Without any student’s means now, is the capacity to make and edit a videoclip, short or even feature film. The higher the technical standards you set, the more time you’ll spend haggling to borrow equipment – but the camera’s, the computers to edit, and now the reproduction and distribution channels are all there. Burn a few discs on campus, or at a friends house, add a simple website, and you could be starting your own DVD label today~!

Pixels in Lycra
Hype aside, remains the merit of your ideas, your abilities, and perseverance in executing them. Can’t help that, except for maybe suggesting to czech out ‘Rebel Without a Crew’ by Robert Rodriguez, one of the best books on micro-budget filmmaking. What we can do here, is provide a light aerobix routine to get you in shape for effective pre-production, production and post-production. Know your tools and give your creativity it’s best chance. Sweating today mostly on Final Cut Pro, which is becoming the industry standard video-editing software for good reason – but PC editors can do just as well with Adobe Premiere. Vegas on PC ( ) is also fantastically equipped to specifically match vision to music, and down that path one could also play with capturing the live output of VJ tools such as Vjamm(.com). Arkaos version 3.0 (out soon), and vdmx 3 for OSX (soon2), also promise strong performance and unorthodox production methods.

Revolutionary Final Cut Pro 3 ( Digital Post Production )
( )
Fine flavoured intro to the merits and capacities of Final Cut Pro as editing software, compositor and post production tool. 5 authors offer their combined experience in final cut processes, editing techniques, system configurations, filters and effects, workflow and organisational interfaces, broadcast standards and internet & dvd delivery. While geared sometimes towards professionals who want to integrate FCP into their projects, the book offers a wealth of advice, tips and tricks for the first time user wanting to get their head around how to get their own lil vid together. Well toned, enthusiastic without overkill, and straight to the point succinct info. Also includes a DVD with all the source files needed for the tutorials scattered through the book, and extra material linked from their website. Book it in at your library.

The Complete Reference: Final Cut Pro 3
Richard Schrand
Billed as the ‘definitive resource for maximizing fcp3’, and put together by an Emmy winner, this book promises even more detail with it’s 700 odd pages and CD-rom. True enough, it delves into editing concepts, offers introductory mini-essays at the start of each chapter with the author’s anecdotes and advice nurturing a sense of understanding and at times inspiration. It comes across a little dry sometimes, but in the end for a reference manual, it’s full of much more than technical info. Also very well worth a book and borrow.

Revolutionary AfterEffects 5.5
( )
Think photoshop in motion, the capacity to effect and manipulate visual imagery over time, and you’re almost thinking After FX, the perfect companion to Final Cut Pro. Available on mac and PC, this is a compositing tool with immense power, and a total of 7 cats outline here, it’s considerable scope. Building layers, compositing, introducing 3D, filters and effects, rendering, and overall managing of projects are all covered in rich detail, complemented by a CD-rom and case studies. The case studies show practically effective ways to use the program, and feature extensive walk-thru tips – showing how to generate elements, constructing scenes, produce and export characters, web site banners ( after fx & flash work well together ), and enhance clips set to music.

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