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North of the border, they loves their noise, and they loves their toys. Brissy kats bringing both South for Easter are powertool lovers Kunt, alongside Defecktro from Japan, Kiki iLL ( ex- nam shub of enki ) and Peeled Hearts Paste. Pix, Mp3s & More Tour Info at:

A rolling history of Kunt ‘s musical / performance inspirations in 45 words?
We are inspired by very different scorces musically, so when we come together the sound is like a porridge and wasabi mix. LuLu Delux performed solo at clubs and other events before bringing the grinder into Kunt in 97. She loves the likes of Survival Research Labs.

Your perspective of the Japanese noise music scene?

Totaly diverse and alive with old and new solo acts and units. I was very impressed to see live sound and performance out numbering laptops and glowing faces. The collaboration between old and new acts produces a definate hybrid sound. Japan is heaven for noise

Favourite powertool moment at a gig ?
So many!!!We can never forget the Homeboy standing in front of the stage at a 2001 gig in Brisbane with Agit8 and Kiki_ill. He just stood there like a statue of Vanilla Ice while I showered him in sparks for at least 15 minutes. NICE! Japan was also a treat! When I started the grinder at the last gig in Tokyo (before returning to Australia), all the boys scrambeled away from the stage with huge grins!!!Ahhhh women and power tools!!

Ideal Kunt Kollaborators would be?
We love Sydney’s Toy Death. They have a very tight live show and great sound. There is also a unit in Argentina called The Reynols who we would love to sit on a keyboard with for 2 hours and release the live recording.

What inspired the ‘mechanical noise machine’ you’re building for the East Coast tour?

I am feeling the presence of Australia in my first week here. From that I will get my inspiration. There is so much great scrap and junk metal in Australia! The blonde women will inspire me (joke).

Differences between the Japanese & Oz noise scenes?
I am about to find out! From the recording I have heard from Kunt and Peeled Hearts Paste the sounds produced seem to run a lot wilder than the conceptual sounds that come from Europe.

Favourite gig moments when things have clicked?
When Defektro was performing live with Japanese unit Erehwon and Lulu from Kunt in Japan. It was the first time I had used fire in the live set. With the grinder sparks, fire and sound it was a moment not to forget.

What would be your dream machine? And dream performance location?

Dream machine would have to be a huge fire belching monster. And I would have to perform in a wide open space, like outside the Sydney Opera House!!
regards Hirofumi Uchino DEFEKTRO

Kiki ill :
Why the name change from Nam Shub of Enki?
namshubofenki has no relation to the musik i’m makin now other than its the same person making it. I have quite a few different pseudonyms – spaztech, key phresch, dj100hoesanhour. I am constantly writin different stuff and could never find a definitive single name to tag it with.

When are folk south of the border gonna get Kiki releases?
One day, I’m alwaze gettin hassled for musik and I’m a slack kunt. So when I get my shit together and sort some release it’ll happen, until then it all sits in a hard drive waiting to be crashed:o)

How’s a typical kiki track being made these days?

Totally in side a laptop, with extra help sumtimes from my arsenal of analogue machines of mass distortion.

What pisses you off about live electronic music ?
I generally like live stuff better than dj’s. Tho I find it very hard to do something live myself, as my trax are very tightly structured, and I find tweekin sum parameters on a sequence very unsatisfying. I enjoy collaborating with kunt doin performance stuff, and have a mic and fx for extra chaos. I guess I don’t like boring characterless dross (and wally box warriors). Trance annoys the shit outta me – live or dj.

Catch Kunt (sparks), Defektro, Kiki Ill & Peeled Heart’s Paste with their latest CD-burnz at:

SYD: Sat 19 April @ Lanfranchis’s Discotheque, 144 Cleveland st. Chippendale
+ Fraughman, Shipwrecked Pussy Splatter & 7u?
MELB: Sun 20 April @ Rob Roy Hotel, Fitzroy
+ Antideluvian Rockinghorse, Barrage, the Go’s, Future Eater, Sol, SelfHelp, Spoole (live AV set) & Casionova

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