Animation for Attack of the Cats by Sampology


Audiovisual turntablist Sampology recently commissioned a music-video for the interlude track on his upcoming album. The catch was, it had to be 100% animated cats.

IF Felinology = the study of cats and their anatomy,
THEN: GIF-felinology = Kind of like the torture scene from A Clockwork Orange, where eyes are propped open by pins… and as a piercing cat midi loop blares, an avalanche of cat tumblr feeds scratch away at the poor researchers eyes, until nothing remains but twitching and furballs.

I survived though – and am now a semi-professional animated cat-gif expert (contact me for rates). Catch the clip below ( or over at the projects page, where I now archive + document my video activities), or see it on the big screen during Sampology’s upcoming Apocalyptic AV tour.

Next up: more apocalypse, preparing ‘post-apocalyptic visual backdrops’ for upcoming TZU tour…

Elsewhere: holy felines, batman!

Autobot Roulette:

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