Curse Ov Dialect and Emile Zile in Istanbul

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curse ov dialect
Australian hiphop in the Turkish hood, reprazent! Esp those in freak-folk costumery, on crazy-dense Euro-tours with resident VJ on stage chopping up clips and playing video files of tour-absent DJs scratching their vinyl riffs! myspaz/thecurseovdialect has music and throwing the name into youtube brings a scattering of this latest X-continental dash. Interestingly their VJ, Emile Zile, was running the back-up music through the VDMX software, and out through a soundcard. Which worked especially fine on the videoclips of pre-composed scratching. As always, the stage couldn’t hold the Curse MCs, who sprang around both Istanbul venues they played at like the hyperactive Mad Max pixies, they really are. Look forward to seeing them develop further synchronised AV material. Good times.

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