A Few Splashes of Web Ink


Have gathered a few newly favourite visual bookmarks of late.


Meathaus is a number of things – a loose collective of New York cartoonists and illustrators, a sporadic comic anthology, and a fantastic blog abundantly filled with wonky and woozy illustrations and comics. Check their about page for their amusing modus operandi.. or their wikipedia page which lists those who’ve been on-team over time, including the likes of now-famous illustrator James Jean and the engaging and disturbing comic storyteller..

Dash Shaw
If you have enough spare time to gobble down 12 free chapters of Dash Shaw’s Bodyworld, then hop to that mother-lode of weirdness and expansive skulled nuttery right here: dashshaw.com. If already gobbled, then you’d be excited to know that Dash has followed up his animation series, The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D, with work on an animated feature film, Ruined Cast. It’s great to see something so far from the Disney template getting the feature green-light, and even better that work in progress is available to view: Ruined Cast.

Scott McCloud’s Blog
Aye, the author of the oft-revered ‘Understanding Comics’ ( great for thinking about art, multimedia and the web, not just comics), has a site, blog, and twitter account. Very comic-finger pulsey, for those inclined. I’ve been enjoying his blog over the last few months because it often points to innovative web designs and comics I mightn’t have otherwise discovered, such as… Vincent Giard This Montreal-based cartoonist has a huge palette of vivid illustration style, but I especially enjoy the way he uses animated GIFS within a series of comic panels to create something that lies in between comics and animation – there’s a few hours to be lost clicking through all these pages.

Another collater of unusual images, these kind of sites are swarming all over tumblr now, but this one manages to keep the images eclectic and surprising enough to stay interesting.

Autobot Roulette:

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