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Adam Curtis, Cicada, Ubin, Suckafish P Jones.

It Felt Like A Kiss
Mr.Curtis, you may remember from such documentary flourishes as: The Power of Nightmares, The Century of the Self, The Mayfair Set, Pandora’s Box, The Trap and The Living Dead. Each series it could be said, performs the same trick : pulling back the curtains on the twentieth century to reveal it’s hidden power structures and machinations. Not that this matters one little bit, his edits of the BBC archives are often as exhilarating as they are illuminating. The boy can really stitch things together. And write it seems, via his BBC blog where he’s been outlining some of the projects / research that’s kept him busy since his last series.

Your executive summary :
– Researching for the West’s relationship with Afghanistan.
– Researching for the legacy of European empires in Africa.
– Developing a piece about “the political and cultural ideas that underlie the internet – and the idea that we are all linked in an interconnected web – out of which can come a new form of democracy.”
– Edited a 54 minute film, ‘It Felt Like A Kiss’, with soundtrack composed by Damon Alburn, performed by the Kronos Quartet. This film was shown in a darkened sixth floor of an abandoned building, as part of a Manchester festival. The film ( available on torrent sites ) features Enos the chimp sent to space, Lee Harvey Oswald, Saddam Hussein, Tina Turner and Richard Nixon.
“Imagine walking into a disused building. You find yourself inside a film. It is a ghost story where unexpected forces, veiled by the American Dream, come out from the dark to haunt you…”

Pro Tip: Need to watch BBC iPlayer videos from his blog? ( blocked to those outside the UK )
Use Tor or mgeni.

Cicada as the trio of Kirsten Bradley, Nick Ritar and Ben Frost, are accomplished at executing technically and artistically compelling audiovisual performances and installations, but have been busy in many directions over recent years. Kirsten and Nick have relocated from Melbourne to near Mudgee to try and go even higher resolution with their work ( and higher biodiversity), setting up the Milkwood Permaculture farm in an appropriately technical and creative fashion. They have the internets out there though, so stay tuned for future projects. Ben has taken his wall of noise to Reykjavik, Iceland. He is not to be confused with the other Australian Ben Frost, the visual artist behind benfrostisdead.com. Neither of them should be mixed up with the other Australian Ben Frost, the Emmy award, London dwelling winning puppeteer.

A Decade of Flashbacks
Oli Chang and Jo Lamont slayed dancefloors back around the start of this century, with a chopped and spliced sound that somehow integrated gamelan, funk and haunted children choir sounds and influences. Today Oli can be found over at : http://soundslikeoli.com, which redirects to a range of soundtracks and ‘cinematic remixes’ he has been working on. This includes an entrant in the dawning audiovisual genre of ‘chicken techno’, and a remix of Empire of the Sun. Jo Lamont was last seen trawling seedy Tokyo laneways for esoteric synthesisers.

Cross Continental Data Corruption
Suckafish P Jones has deserted the sunny shores of Brisbane ( you should really check out their fake beach, set inside landscaped gardens, overlooking their unswimmable river), for more jetlag jaunts, and is now based in Barcelona, where he has recently released his swanky ( swampy? ) new Phantasmatica EP ( free download ) on disboot.net. Next Up, Mr.Midnight, due before the end of the year. Fine, fine music!

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