Stephen Hawking + The Internet Vs Science


Via the sprawling internet tentacles of@howthebodyworks ( no, really – subscribe to his delicious bookmark feed a while..), comes this great reminder of … well… actually, let’s not spoil it for you. Except to say it does involve eminent scientist Stephen Hawking, which reminded me of this MC Hawking interview from back in 2002, and that I’ve been meaning to mention I’ve been copying across ye olde articles to skynoise. Will list a few fave older pieces later, in the meantime, check the archives link on the side.

MC Hawking nabbed his 15 mb of net fame back in the day with ‘e=mc squared’, ‘fuck the creationists’, and other rap classics ( all available on mp3).

Q: What’s your next book or current research about?
A: I am currently trying to determine whether or not “Hammer Time” is relative.

Q: What do you think of the growing popularity of gangsta physics?
A: Yo, rap is all about dropping science. It was only a matter of time before rap and science converged.

Q: Got any lines / rhymes on artificial intelligence? (and when do u predict it?)
A: As far as predicting A.I. is concerned, I got no fucking idea; I’m a theoretical astrophysicist, not a fucking computer scientist. However, if that piece of shit movie Spielberg just put out is any indication, I’d say don’t hold your damn breath.

full MC Hawking interview here..

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