January VJ Software overview

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As spa-cinema yet again fails to become flavour of the month ( Australia is the driest continent in the world and gripped by water restrictions, what are you thinking? ), the world of VJ software continues it’s slow rise into public consciousness.

VDMX 5 : Fresh from the vidvox.net stables, a new beta of their flagship software VDMX has arrived. Completely reworked and modular design which enables many different video applications to be built with it. Optimised for OS X and the newer mac Intel machines, it can blaze through DV-Pal resolution clips layering, blending and compositing on the fly. In the pipeline : a sequencer module and multi-screen outputs. VDMX 5 will also work very well with quartz composer files, the software built into OSX – meaning further fast, fluid capacities. The public beta includes five quartz compositions written by Roger Bolton ( Quartonian blog ) which demonstrate whats possible with VDMX beta 5 and Quartz. (free trial : http://www.vidvox.com/download/vdmx.php )

Modul8 2.5 – Seems to have one of the best mac multi-output functions at the moment, meaning it can easily isolate parts of movies and send these to multiple screens at once. Allows recording of your actions, for later rendering as movies, includes new FX, an integrated global mask system and anti-aliasing ( thanks to further harnessing of graphics cards rather than CPU ).

MXwendler – new mac beta version for their “100% hardware accelerated VJing and Realtime Compositing Application”, featuring ‘an internal superfast Video Feedback, rewritten interface and much faster live video.

Livid Union 2.1 – New mac update with high resolution recording, universal binary, new effects, + more.

Arkaos – 3.6 MIDI or 3.6 DMX ( which allows integration with lighting desks @ large venues & theatres ).

Resolume 2.0 – Probably most popular PC VJ app, now with 18 band FFT audio analyzer to link effects to music, multi-screen output, midi + dmx control + more.

VJamm 3.0 – 16 channels of realtime a/v mixing, Auto BPM clip stretching with perfect timebase, A/V mixer with OpenGL hardware acceleration.

Ableton Live 6 – now plays video ( see review ), which renders it very useful for anyone who may wish to sequence large slabs of video alongside their sounds.

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  1. bob says:

    you might want to add http://www.mutevj.com to that list.

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