Gamebuilders and street artists have one thing in common – both view urban terrain as easily modified. Amidst an ocean of stencils in Melbourne, Tan from fugitivedesign.net noticed a playful streak of three dimensional street art, jutting out from walls and unexpected places. Inspired he got together an online mag of sorts – Urbaninstallation.com, and is happy to receive online photo submissions for future editions from the 3D eagle-eyed and happy snapping. Tan speaks now.

What appeals to you about seeing a ‘floppy disk glued to a street curb’?
So many people rush about from one timeslot activity to the next – in transit – 3d_streetart.jpg
closed up inside their heads – isolating themselves from everything around them. they don’t look up or down – don’t make eye contact.

Seeing that disk was like this surreal connection with another human being. Someone had been there. Left a message. It didn’t say anything specific. It wasn’t trying to sell me anything. it shouldn’t be there but it belonged there. It was perfect, beautiful. It made me smile. 🙂

I’m really digging this art form. It has to be discovered, usually by accident. Except now I’m searching for it. And participating. It is defiant. It’s dimension reaches out to you. I think it will be almost impossible to relocate this art form into a gallery – it’s primary magic comes from it’s life on the streets. The entire world becomes a gallery.

Why do you think so many people are amped on street-art these days?
I don’t really think about that too much at the moment. I think it’s more interesting to just do. I guess it depends on who you are referring to. If you mean the artists – I think people are realising that they need to and can express themselves, their creativity and ideas. Of course anything cool is always eaten up be advertising. For now I believe it will be impossible for the machine to eat up 3d street art. Hope I’m right.

Who else is battling Melbourne for the 3D street art throne?
I’m getting submissions from overseas now but I haven’t seen enough yet to know the level of activity in other countries. There is some amazing weird stuff coming from Germany, a very active cool group in Chicago, another cool group from Buenos Aires. Even stuff from Hong Kong. They are all doing very different stuff. Of what I have seen Melbourne could still be in the lead for quantity and diversity, pushing the boundaries – but maybe only because I’m here and photographing it.

What’d you like to wake and see glued to the front of your house tomorrow morning?
Minigraff’s butterflies 😉

Who’s been good at extending graffiti / street art aesthetics into 3D virtual spaces & computer games?
Honestly I’m not sure. I haven’t explored this area – I’ve been too hooked on the physical to investigate the virtual. I’m not into games anymore (overdosed on c64 as a kid) I’m not so interested in other people co-opting the style to appeal to a target market. I am interested in graff/street artists doing this exploration. I’m sure there is someone out there right now about unleash something amazing upon us all.

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