Aphids Reel Music Festival Jun 26-29


Tight little package of 4 events just about to launch in Melb – each event with its own twist on audiovisual interplay. The opener and closer are probably easiest to digest, live soundtracks being performed to films, though each with their own take on that. Opening night catches ‘Waiting to Turn into Puzzles‘, a hand processed Super8 film by Louise Curham being projected, while the five member Sydney ensemble Offspring perform music from hand water-coloured muscial scores that incorporate screen captures and imagery from the film. Closing night brings a classic 1928 Hans Richter animation to the screen, Vormittagspuk, accompanied by live score by Genevieve Lacey and Geoffrey Morris.

Skin Quartet on the 27th projects various skintones and textures by visual artist Louisa Bufardeci onto the screen, accompanied by David Young’s music, which, was created by CIA Factbook data on ‘ethnicity, skin colour and nationhood’, each note corresponding to an onscreen element visible on the skin. Where that places the project on the sliding scale from pretentious to profound, who knows?

d.v.d from Tokyo bring a drum-triggered visual show on the 28th, which apparently finds tight sequences of retro-game animations launched by the drumming, each of the animations in turn bringing their own sounds, and determining the progress of the drumming.

ACMI, Melbourne. Thu 26 – Sat 28 Jun – 8pm, Sun 29 June – 4pm
$20 Full $15 Conc. Festival pass : All 4 sessions $50 Full $40 Conc
Tickets, full program details : www.aphids.net ( check the cool animated promo – 33mb tho )

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