elefant traks

elefant traksMusic video clip for The Herd from Elefant Traks, edited with Suckafish P Jones ( Bris ) and featuring graphic overlays by Luke Illett (collapsicon). This was a fun music-video to make, as we ‘invented’ a device for the main character to use that suited the lyrics about globalisation.

We figured we’d get someone to walk through Brisbane CBD and whenever we cut to their point of view, we’d see a graphic overlay which showed their ‘device’ analysing the ethics of the product involved. Ended up pretty happy with how the graphics integrated in the end and how the clip turned out, way back in 2002 style.

Up top – sample interface shots as the ‘device’ gets turned on at various points in the song ( in the characters wanderings ).

Side – final zoom out sequence that shows the dark reptilian overlords Bill Gates ultimately has to answer to.

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