Haircare for Cosmic Antennae


“With Hair Balancing, hair is treated as a COSMIC ANTENNA. Its energetic properties are refined as a means of communication on many levels.”
— Linda Deslauriers, Hair Balancing Practioner

And In Other News

With their usual flair for flamboyantly bypassing bullshit detectors, perpetual hoaxsters The Yes Men recently succeeded in getting a lot of media outlets to fall for their most recent campaign involving hair and oil.

Using a ex-oil workers, clever PR releases and a network of Hair salons, the Yes Men built the campaign to draw attention to the environmental practices of Enbridge (an oil company with a record stained by many oil spills, including a spill last year of 800,000 galllons of oil into Michigan’s Kalamazoo river, who are currently seeking to seeking to build a controversial pipeline through sections of important Canadian wilderness… ). The Yes Men press releases put forward the idea that Enbridge was planning to protect the proposed pipeline by turning hair salon clippings into ‘super-absorbent oil cleanup booms’ on the route of their proposed pipeline.

“Human hair has been successfully used to clean up oil spills for nearly two decades, ever since Alabama hair stylist and inventor Phil McCrory patented the technology in 1995,” the fake release said.”With MyHairCares, Enbridge expects to collect 450,000 pounds of hair.” Fact checkers are apparently in rare supply, as despite the stretched truthiness of it all, a number of North American media outlets snowballed the story up into a media-disaster for Enbridge.

Even More Haircare

Who knew the $9 billion black hair industry would yield a film of such sociological insight and humour? Chris Rock apparently. When Lola Rock, 5 year old daughter of comedian Chris, asked “Daddy, how come I don’t have good hair?”, it prompted Chris to dive into research for the production of the documentary Good Hair, about the relationship between African American women and their hair.

“When I was a dating guy, I dated women from different races. Anytime I was with an Asian or a Puerto Rican girl or a white girl, my hands would constantly be in their hair. Like my hands were thirsty, ” says Rock, explaining that because a black woman’s hair is such an investment, men are often not allowed to touch it during sex.

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