Winter Video Snippets


Snapshot of recent audiovisual developments.

First Up
3 of the most exciting things of late? Previews of the upcoming Resolume 3 Avenue, an inter-application video routing piece of ( mac only ) software released by Vade. and the new 3L real-time 3D program.

Resolume 3 Avenue will be available for both Mac and PC in September and already looks something like the holy grail of live audiovisual applications. Some of it’s key features :
– VST audio plug-ins can be used ( in a live video application! ) and easily sync-ed with visual effects to create custom audiovisual effects.
– Lots of beat and loop controls.
– Drag and drop audio files onto video clips and have them play in sync.
– Heavy integration of graphics card and 3D capabilities – and much more in the demo video at their site.

Vade’s great new app is a patch built in Quartz Composer which allows the user to isolate whichever part of the screen they want, then re-route this as a live source in another application such as VDMX. Which means photoshop painting or game playing, or other weird video glitch apps etc can be running in one spot and that output can then become one video channel in a video mixing program. Live grafitti, or rotoscoping on top of videos, mixing games with other clips and more – all on one machine with no need for a mixer. Works super fast too.

3L by, recently ended a long beta development phase, and has arrived as a very sophisticated 3D real-time application with several
unique features :
– individual rgb fx wet/dry mix controls
– built in DMX control for the VMS moving mirror projectors.
– Interpolated presets ( slide between complex presets easily )

Available now, jump in while it’s hot.

No great leaps recently in technical terms, but have been enjoying some of the new video groups ( eg the Kite Aerial Video group, various underwater and abstract video groups) created since they opened their doors to videos – or as they put it, ‘long photos’ up tp 90 seconds long Playback on the site is nice, but a shame clips can’t be downloaded in an editable format. and seem to be staying ahead of the video pack at the moment. Locally, Australia’s ABC have launched a hosting site that encourages the remixing of its audio and video content :

For those who prefer to have a vimeo account for quality and youtube account as well for the hits, noticed that enables easy simultaneous upload to many sites at once.

Visual Blogs
Some various additions to the RSS reader of late :
Code And Form : Computational Aesthetics – – well populated motion graphics forum where people throw around problems and solutions. – various after effects tips and tutorials noted here. – Ongoing audiovisual projects. – Latvian axe in the world of aesthetics. – Themed curation and daily flood of artprojects, presented simply. – Documenting projects for the UK AV crew.

Video of the Week
This has been doing the rounds a lot ( 5 million + views at last watch ), but there’s a good reason for that. Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch passed away recently (Oct. 23, 1960 – July 25, 2008), and recorded a one hour lecture last year, some time after being told he only had a short time to live. With that in mind, his last lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams, takes on all the more meaning and resonance, and well worth the viewing.

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